Legislative Update: August 21, 2018

The State Capitol in Sacramento, California. This is a low angle view of the front of the building from the northwest. The American Flag, the California Flag and the POW MIA Flags are flying at half mast.

California Legislative Update

August 21, 2018


August is a busy month at the Capitol. Multiple deadlines all lead up to Friday, August 31st, which is the last opportunity for bills to pass each house. Any bills that fail to have a floor vote by the end of the month will not be sent to the Governor for final approval.


Five tobacco-related bills are moving through the legislature:

AB 1097 (Levine – D, San Rafael) State beaches and parks, smoking ban

AB 2020 (Quirk – D, Hayward) Cannabis: local jurisdiction licensees: temporary event license

SB 835 (Glazer – D, Orinda) Parks: smoking ban

SB 836 (Glazer – D, Orinda) State beaches: smoking ban

SB 1408 (Pan – D, Sacramento) Cigarettes: seizure


Two tobacco-related resolutions are moving through the legislature:

ACR 254 (Holden – D, Pasadena) Smoke-free multiunit housing

SCR 143 (Pan – D, Sacramento) Smoking: youth: motion picture industry


You can find a the full version of this update HERE.

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