Capitol Information & Education Days

Capitol Information & Education (I&E) Days has been an annual event at the California State Capitol for over a decade. It was started by the Joint Ethnic Networks, which educated legislators on the impact of tobacco on California’s diverse ethnic populations. In 2005 the event was broadened to include all Prop. 99 funded projects, and in 2018 even more groups were included due to new funding through Prop 56. Now, more than 150 advocates from around the state come to the Capitol every year to educate their legislators about the burden of tobacco in their communities.

Attendees organize under the Coalition to Protect All Californians from Tobacco (PACT), which is a coalition of individuals from tobacco prevention organizations and public health agencies committed to reducing the impact of tobacco on Californians. The mission of the PACT Coalition is to educate local and state elected officials about the social, health and economic impact of tobacco and tobacco-related disease in California and to serve as a resource on local and statewide tobacco prevention issues.

Information & Education Day 2019

I&E Day 2019 is set for Tuesday, April 23. Registration, travel, and other information will be made available soon.

If you have questions, please contact Alyssa Stratton at 916-585-7664 or