Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing: California Voters 2018

In August 2018, the American Lung Association’s Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing commissioned a survey of over 800 California voters, including an oversample of voters from rural communities, to assess their views about secondhand smoke and to gauge their level of support for reducing exposure to secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing. This comprehensive survey asked questions about policies restricting smoking in various areas of multi-unit housing and arguments in favor of smokefree housing policies. Results show that California voters see the value in smokefree multi-unit housing policies:

  • 65% support a law to restrict smoking in outdoor common areas of apartments

  • 73% of voter are more likely to support smoking restrictions hearing that children are not protected from secondhand smoke exposure in apartment buildings and this can cause asthma and lung disease in children
  • 69% of voters are more likely to support smoking restrictions hearing that scientific studies prove that secondhand smoke is harmful in apartment buildings and nonsmokers are exposed to dangerous secondhand smoke in the one place where they spend the most time