Tobacco Retail Environment

With 16,800 youth starting to smoke in California each year, many local communities have taken action to protect the youth in their communities. Most importantly, many communities have adopted strong local tobacco retailer licensing ordinances that include licensing fees high enough to fund enforcement programs and strong penalties in the case of violations.

In addition to the basic licensing ordinance, some communities have adopted other policies that can be “plugged-in” to the basic licensing ordinance to provide greater health protections for youth. These policy options include prohibiting the sale of tobacco products near schools, creating license penalties for the sale of drug paraphernalia and restricting the individual sale of little cigars and cigarillos.

We provide resources for local advocates interested in pursuing a local tobacco retail ordinance with some, all, or none of the plugins. This information will help you answer tough questions that may be asked and understand what other communities in the state have done.